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                Current Location:HomePage> About Hengkun

                Company Introduction

                  Xiamen Hengkun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 and has listed on the New OTC Market since May 2015. Hengkun provides an integrated solution for resources development, integration, processing and application of advanced materials. Hengkun products are widely used in mobile Internet terminals, smart wearable devices, automotive industrial control systems and other industries. Hengkun is currently committed to semiconductors and new energy vehicles industries, with focuses on technology introduction, market application and localization of advanced materials within these fields. Hengkun has recently made a transition from mobile phone industry to high-end semiconductor materials. To this day, Hengkun has become a supplier for five domestic major IC companies and the first company to localize precursor production in China, filling in the domestic gap in the field of precursor production localization.

                Development History

                • 15
                  2017-06 Set up HK Technos in Japan
                • 14
                  2015-05 Listed on New OTC Market and set up semiconductor BU.
                • 13
                  2014-03 Completed share reform and changed corporate name to Xiamen Hengkun New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
                • 12
                  2011-10 Suzhou Hengkun has been recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise.
                • 11
                  2010-10 Shenzhen company was established.
                • 10
                  2009-07 Xiamen Giineil was established.
                • 09
                  2009-07 Nearly ten thousand square meters’ dust-free workshop was built (100 & 1,000 grade).
                • 08
                  2008-02 Obtained IECQ-QC800000 HSPM qualification.
                • 07
                  2007-05 Suzhou company was established.
                • 06
                  2005-10 Xiamen Hengkun has been recognized as a municipal high-tech enterprise.
                • 05
                  2005-06 Hengkun industrial park was built and became a HQ for Hengkun.
                • 04
                  2004-12 Xiamen Hengkun Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. was established.
                • 03
                  2004-08 Obtained ISO14001 EMS and OHSAS18001 certification.
                • 02
                  2002-04 Passed DNV ISO9001 QMS certification.
                • 01
                  1996-03 Xiamen Hengkun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded.

                Company Honor

                •  2015年創新型企業牌匾

                  2015 Innovation-based Enterprise

                •   誠信示▓範企業

                  Integrity Demonstration Enterprise

                • 高新不解問道技術企業

                  High-tech Enterprise

                • 科技小巨人企竟然喜悅露形業

                  Science and Technology Little Giant

                •  ISO9001


                •  ISO14001


                • 兩化融合體充滿了自信系證書 20171201

                  Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System Certificate